Coconut Cream Coffee (1lb)


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Coconut Cream Flavored Coffee

Regret isn’t a word anyone would associate with coffee, and luckily, that doesn’t need to change. There are so many temptations we must avoid throughout our everyday lives, if we intend to be careful about what we consume. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to find your favorite flavors and foods in a guilt-free package. Thankfully, if you love coconut, but often decide to go without it purely because it’s most commonly found in cakes and sweet treats, there is an answer.

With its practically unrivalled popularity on a global scale, and its undeniable versatility, coconut can pretty much be used for anything, and very often is – so why should coffee be any different? Coconut Cream sees the combination of 100% Arabica coffee and the rich and bold flavor of coconut to create a flavor sensation so pure, so smooth, so creamy, and so distractingly delicious it makes you feel as if you’re floating away into a coconut-coffee heaven. Glide guilt-free to a picturesque beach of white sand, staggeringly clear water and beautiful sun. Rest in the shadow of a palm tree and delve deep into the sweetness of the coffee which brought you to paradise. The deep, relaxing tones of your drink soak you in comfort, safe in the knowledge that the coconut you’re tasting doesn’t come at a calorie cost.

Whether you drink Coconut Cream as a treat, or to get your morning moving, with each beautiful sip you’ll remember: regret is not a word anyone would associate with coffee, and when you try Coconut Cream, you’ll definitely not regret it.


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