Costa Rica Reserve Coffee (1lb)


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Costa Rica Reserve Coffee

An early morning deserves a rich brew of coffee that will get the grit out of your eyes and prepare you for the day. At the top of your list for options, you’ll want to rely on this one. Costa Rica Reserve beans are grown at elevations above 3900 ft or more, classifying them as hard beans. Designed to withstand those high altitudes, this tough coffee bean is going to be able to protect the medium body flavour that it will offer up in your mug.

True to form, this is going to introduce you to a very sharp finish in taste and it will also give you a high acidity. A coffee blend that is intended specifically for those that want that kick in the pants with a harsh but soothing bite, it’s a great option to consider.

From its slow growing period, to the promise of rich and hearty flavour in each bean, this coffee blend will provide a solid foundation of sharp coffee taste, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a few hints and touches of chocolate or even caramel tinges here and there.


Packed full of enough flavour that it’s going to make you into a professional coffee taster, this is the rich blend that you’ll want first thing in the morning to start your day out with a sharp taste pumping the caffeine into you, and helping you to see that you can do great things when you’ve got top quality Costa Rica Reserve coffee available right in your kitchen. You won’t know what you’re missing until you take your first sip of this. So, go ahead and enjoy those new horizons.


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